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The Junior Cert Project Mathematics course was introduced with the aim of developing proficiency in problem solving and dealing with Mathematical concepts in applications and context. One of the overall aims is to foster a positive attitude in the learner towards the subject by making the Maths more applicable to everyday life.

Students over the 3 years will study 5 strands: Statistics and probability; Geometry and Trigonometry; Number; Algebra and Functions. All first years do the Common Introductory Course which is the minimum course to be covered at the start of junior cycle.

Students in Griffeen Community College have engaged thoroughly with Project Maths and have bridged the gap from Primary to Post-Primary Mathematics with relative ease. Along with taking on a relatively new and extended curriculum, students have participated in the Bebras challenge which involves computational thinking. They have also taken part in the ‘MathsEyes’ competition whereby students must capture images of the Maths they see around them everyday. They will also be participating in the Irish Junior Maths Competition which is in association with the Irish Maths Teachers Association.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 23.40.06.png

Students receiving their certificates for participating in the Bebras Challenge

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Students problem solving in Maths.

In September 2018, the new Junior Cycle Maths will be phased in for incoming first years. Information on this course can be accessed here.

24 2018
First Years Only
27 2018
Second Years ONLY
28 2018
ALL students
29 2018
ALL students half day
Here is the full school calendar for the 2018/19 Academic Year.
Here is a short video of some memories from our first year in Griffeen CC!
Parents please note Griffeen Parent Information Evening will be held in Sept/Oct 2018. Parents will be contacted after the summer with details and we look forward to meeting you all. Have a great summer!
Some picks from Week 2 of a four week course with Stephen Rice of the FAI. Our students have enjoyed the challenge of improving their football skills and working together as teams.
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